The curriculum for the study program of Professional physiotherapy studies has been constructed in such a way to enable students to learn about etiology, pathophysiology, pathoanatomy and therapy, that is, therapeutic procedures, techniques and methods used in various pathological states where there is an indication for some kind of therapy and kinesitherapy.

The program also encompasses training students for applying specialized, authorized techniques and methods intended for reducing and removing the consequences in certain stages of their occurring and development of the ailment, that is, rehabilitation after a certain pathological state.

The program enables the students to learn about all physiotherapeutic procedures, starting from the assessment, treatment, and control to the evaluating of the applied treatment for which physiotherapy is indicated.

Learning outcomes

A professional physiotherapist takes up a prominent place in the rehabilitation team, as he or she is a member of the mentioned team and/or can independently carry out a preplanned program of rehabilitation according to the given pathological state.
The curricula have been created in accordance with the most contemporary demands of medical rehabilitation which means they fulfill the training needs of this highly professional medical staff.

The theoretical classes are carried out on the premises of the College, using state of the art teaching means, while the practical classes are carried out in the most eminent medical establishments, which are also the teaching base of our College. Students perform clinical practice in: the Clinic for Rehabilitation „Dr Miroslav Zotovic“, the Institute for Rehabilitation, the Rheumatology Institute, the Clinical-Hospital Center „Dr Dragisa Misovic – Dedinje“, the Institute for Orthopedic and Surgery „Banjica“, the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation and
Orthopedic Prosthesis, the Clinic „Dr Simo Milosevic“, and the Specialized Medical Office for physical medicine and rehabilitation „PHYSICAL“.

Enrollment requirements

High school diploma and completed qualifying exam
Model of studying
Full time studies
Professional title acquired
Professional Physiotherapist

Course Catalogue

1st YEAR
No. Name of subject I II Total no. of classes ECTS
1. Anatomy 3+2 75 8
2. Physiology with the basics of biochemistry 3+1 60 8
3. Physical therapy with balneo-climatology 2+3 75 6
4. Psychology 3+0 45 4
5. Social medicine with medical ethics 2+1 45 4
6. Kinesiology 2+5 105 10
7. General kinesitherapy 2+4 90 8
Elective block 1 and 2*
8. Basics of sports medicine
2+2 60 6
9. Pedagogy with andragogy
60 6
Total ECTS: 60
2nd YEAR
No. Name of subject III IV Total no. of classes ECTS
10. Kinesitherapy of physical disabilities and feet deformities 2+3 75 8
11. Correlative neurology 4+0 60 5,5
12. Surgery with orthopedics and traumatology 4+0 60 5
13. Internal medicine 4+0 60 5,5
14. Clinical physical therapy in internal medicine and pediatrics 2+4 90 10
15. Clinical kinesitherapy in internal medicine and pediatrics 2+4 90 9
16. Foreign language – English 3+1 60 5
Elective block 3 and 4
17. Nutrition with dietetics
HR management in sports
60 6
18. Diagnostics in sports
Health fitness
60 6
Total ECTS: 60
3rd YEAR
No. Name of subject V VI Total no. of classes ECTS
19. Clinical physical therapy in neurology and surgery with orthopedics and traumatology 2+6 120 12
20. Clinical kinesitherapy in neurology and surgery with orthopedics and traumatology 2+6 120 12
21. Mechanotherapy 1+3 60 6
22. Rehabilitation of injuries in sports 1+3 60 5
23. Clinical practice 1+8 135 7
Elective block 5 and 6*
24. Prosthetics and orthotics
Foreign language II – Spanish
60 6
25. Psychological counseling
Ethics in sports
45 6
Total ECTS: 60

* The student must take six (6) Elective subjects, two in each year.

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