Basic vocational studies

For a general strategy of sports development, it is necessary to focus more attention on training quality professional staff. A lack of sports experts of all profiles is a great obstacle to improving work and developing sports clubs and sports organizations.
Professional work in sports implies highly-developed vocational training of active athletes in all stages of their sports career, as well as competence in working with children, youth and adults.

Acknowledging and recognizing the need for professional training of coaches, managers and sports physiotherapists, the College of Sports (formerly the Sports Coaching College) has created specific study programs with a multidisciplinary approach.

Study programs based on the most contemporary findings from the area of sports science, a professional teaching staff which carries is out and the conditions in which the teaching is realized are a guarantee of the quality of future experts which this educational institute is successful in training.

An interdisciplinary approach enables that a number of the same program contents and/or subjects are represented in several different study programs. The introducing of elective subjects within a certain study program, of which the majority are mandatory or elective subjects in other study programs, gives the possibility for students from certain study programs under certain conditions and in a certain period of time to transfer from one study program to another, or to study two study programs at the same time.