The History of the College

The College for Sports Coaches in Belgrade was founded in 1997. The founders of the College are experts with many years of experience in the area of university sports education, scientific research in sports, as well as the experience acquired with their own active involvement in sports.
By the Decision of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia, no. 612-00-00332/94-07, dated July 16, 1997, and based on reports and other documents, an approval was given for the curriculum and it was established that the College for Sports Coaches meets the conditions (in regards to the teaching staff, space, equipment and teaching means) for organizing two-year studies of a higher education in the area of sports, for educating higher sports coaches in the following sports: FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, HANDBALL, MARTIAL ARTS, TENNIS, SWIMMING and WATER POLO, SPORTS FITNESS, and TABLE TENNIS.

On September 3, 1997, the College was registered in the Belgrade Trade Court, which concluded the required procedure for the College for Sports Coaches to start with its work during the 1997/98 school year.

Based on sports practice demands, in 1998 the College referred to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia in order to obtain approval to train higher sports coaches for VOLLEYBALL, ATHLETICS and SPORTS SHOOTING, approved by Decision no. 022-05-83/98-4, dated April 23, 1998.

With this, the College, based on its possibilities, defined its program orientation to training and educating sports coaches for 10 sports, that is sports events.

During the first three years of the College’s work, the management and associates carried out technical and organizational preparations for introducing a new study group – Sports Management. Based on the documents and requests put in by the College management, the Ministry for college and higher education approved the curriculum for the study group Sports Management and its realization by Decision no. 022-05-00005/2000-01, dated February 24, 2000.

Perceiving the need for specialized staff, which results from the complexity and stressed multi-disciplinarian spirit of sport, the College for Sports Coaches prepared a curriculum for training higher sports physiotherapists. For the realization of the new study program, a longer preparation time was necessary, as practical classes needed to be organized in several health institutions, as well as securing staff, space, the necessary equipment and other conditions which are necessary for successful work. Following thorough and methodical preparations, in 2001, a new request was submitted to the Ministry of education and sports with all the necessary documents for introducing a study program for higher sports physiotherapists. By the Decision of the Ministry no. 612-00-360/2001-04, dated August 20, 2001, the curriculum was approved and it was assessed that the College meets the conditions to start the realization of the study program for higher sports physiotherapists.
Thus, from the 2001/02 school year, the College for Sports Coaches organizes classes for three study groups:

1. Higher sports coach for eleven sports (football, basketball, handball, tennis, martial arts, swimming and water polo, volleyball, athletics, table tennis, sports shooting and sports fitness),
2. Sports management and
3. Higher sports physiotherapist.

In the aim of adapting to the announced systematic changes in university education, the College carried out the necessary program, staff and technical preparations for transferring from two-year to three-year studies. The innovated curriculum was handed to the Ministry of education and sports. The curriculum was прегледала and assessed by the Committee for accreditation of university education, which was named by the Republic council for the development of univerisy education. On July 13, 2004, a Decision no. 022-05-00031/2/2004-04 was brought, with which the Ministry of education and sports “gives approvement to the new curriculum of the College for Sports Coaches, for three-year studies, on the following study groups: Higher sports coach, Sports Management and Higher sports physiotherapist”.

In accordance with the Law on university education (2005), starting from October 2005, systematic preparations for a new accreditation have started, and were finished at the end of 2006.
The changes the College introduced in relation to its hitherto work, that is from the time it changed to a three-year study programs, were the following:
- first, during the introducing of new study programs and extending studies to three years, the study programs were extended and their orientation was enhanced to vocational aims and contents, during which, to a great degree, applied were the principles of the Bologna process, and which indicated the direction in which the reforms of university education would be heading;
- second, immediately after the publication of the Law on university education, work started in the College to coordinate study programs with the demands of the new Law. Considering that voluminous innovations were carried out not even two years ago, there was no reason for new radical changes, and thus the total volume of changes which were included in the curricula were under 30%, which means that they did not significantly change the structure and contents of the current study plans and programs;
- third, from the 2008/09 school year, predicted is an introducing of a one-year vocational specialist studies, within the framework of the study programs for sports coachs and sports physiotherapists.

Considering that the hitherto name of the College for a while did not одговарао to the character and contents of education which the students acquire in this institution, it was necessary to change it, in order to coordinate it with study programs and with the Law on university education. The College started with its work on the study programs for higher sports coaches, and thus at the beginning its name was totally adequate. However, as in the meantime the instructing of the College was expanded to two new study programs – for sports management and sports phyisotherapists, its name became inadequate. Thus, it was suggested that the hitherto name College of Sports Coaches be replaced by the name Sports College.

The Committee for accreditation and quality verification of the Republic of Serbia announced in May 2007 the results of the accreditation of university institutions and their proposed study programs. The College for sports Coaches with its three Study programs (for coaches, managers and physiotherapists in sports) successfully прошла through the accreditation process, with which the College became an institution of university education of vocational studies and changed its name to the College for спорт струковних студија (Work license by the Ministry of education of the Republic of Serbia, Decision no. 612–00–630/2007-04 dated June 26, 2007).

The College in its development and expansion of activities, in 2009 changed its name into VOCATIONAL COLLEGE FOR SPORTS AND HEALTH, with which it joined those educational medical institutional and thus acquires the right to training staff for medical institutions.